My amazing experience with the PFP program! | Yosra Ben Lassoued

My amazing experience with the PFP program!

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First, it improves my time management and learn me how to maintain motivation!

Having my work, the period of the fellowship and the project to design at the same time was very challenging and instructive! It leans me how to overstep my bounds: being positive, productive, and efficient at the same time!

Second, it has a huge impact on my communications skills: Collaborating and co-work with people from different countries and different backgrounds: I made my project remotely with another fellow Jack Jendo, who I met in the program, and we succeed together to achieve our goal!

The networking sessions were also very interesting, and I learn a lot about leadership, how to market an idea and American culture.

This experience allows me to run a communication project with my host company on a professional side: So now thanks to the program, I have an American brand as a client in my portfolio!

The fellowship program was a great experience on the personal side and professional side: More self-confidence more leadership skills, improve my communications skills, and especially improve my English!

When you pass through the PFP program, you know that you can be successful in every project you will run!

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