Yosra Ben Lassoued

Hello, I’m Yosra
Digital Entrepeneur

I'm a Entrepreneur Speaker

I help managers who love risk 🔥 to build a strong branding of their companies 💯

through consulting and training💡

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1 year ago I was afraid to take the risk and fail

Today I encourage my clients to take the risk in communication

2022 I was working in a toxic environment, which I couldn’t leave

Yet I had the business expertise and the network

But I had little to fail

That’s when I started a process of change:

👉 4 sports sessions a week to get out of my comfort zone and forge the mind
👉 I devoured books of personal development in order to understand my internal blockages , and human psychology
👉 I have done business training , to release a differentiating offer on the market

I finally had the courage, and I started

That’s how I founded @Power Creative agency in April 2023

And since then I push my clients to take the risk in communication


  • Finalist Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award, By Orange tunisia in 2021
  • Board Member in Tunisian American Alumni Network 
  • PFP Fellow with Legacy International
  • Advertising Award in Tunisia  in 2019


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My ❤ Clients

Every collaboration is unique, but there is some brands with whom I have an emotional link )

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