Hello, I’m Yosra
Digital Entrepeneur

I'm a Entrepreneur Speaker

My mission is to help you to achieve your business goals 💯
through my Master Classes or as a consultant #digitalmarketing 

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I have two great professional passions: Digital and communication ❤️
I made it my job, and it’s been 16 years 💯

My expertise consists in supporting brands in their digital communication strategies.
The fields of activities are varied: Cosmetics, Cuisine, Industry, IT, Food, Telecommunications, large distributions….. which brings a lot of wealth and learning: because each time I am trained by my customers on their products and industries (which is very rewarding )

As I am someone who loves sharing, I regularly share my expertise, key learning from my projects, my business readings, and Digital novelties in “Master Class”

My primary objective in these Master Classes is to change your Mindset!

These master classes are “change management sessions” where we share concepts, techniques and case studies that will help you reach your business goals

These master classes are dedicated to companies and individuals,, 👉 it’s here 

change is now 💪

  • Digital Strategy for brands
  • Off line communication and PR Skills
  • Trainer in Digital Marketing
  • Speaker 
  • Advertising Award in Tunisia  in 2019


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My ❤ Clients

Every collaboration is unique, but there is some brands with whom I have an emotional link )

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