Social media Management

individual / in team 

it is a practical training, where you will take


the skin of a community manager in an agency: How to create content? How to analyze statistics? How to make recommendations? What tools to use?

What strategy should be adopted for each social network?


– Understand how each social network works: facebook, twitter, instagram, tiktok, linked in ,snapchat , youtube

– Familiarize yourself with paid advertising for each network

– Understand how to create a content strategy

– Tools to use for a community manager

Total Hours: 15 hours

Personal Branding

-How to fix a content strategy? How to implement it? How to animate your network?

– definition of Personnal branding;

-The advantages of Personnal branding

-The personal branding steps

– Case studies and practical workshops

Total Hours : 10 hours

New Master Class: Digital Brand Strategy

Social Selling

You have a sales team, who can’t prospect via the internet? You want to Teach your sales to become web killers?
I accompany you to meet this challenge!
During this training, I teach your salespeople the art of prospecting and establishing a relationship customer via internet!
This training can be applied to project leaders to ensure visibility of their projects
 on social networks.
The modules are:
definition of Social Selling
The benefits of social selling
Process steps and examples
Case studies and practical workshops;

Total Hours: 15 hours